Bauer Media Audio Reinventing Radio

Premium Subscription Services set to launch across Scala Radio, Jazz FM, Planet Rock and Kerrang! Radio, offering live radio with no ad-breaks 24/7

London, May 4th, 2021 - In a pioneering move leading European commercial radio broadcaster, Bauer Media Audio is reinventing radio for music-lovers. Radio stations Scala Radio, Jazz FM, Planet Rock and Kerrang! Radio are enriching and extending the live radio experience by launching premium subscription online radio services.

Subscribers will gain access to 20 exclusive online radio stations across genres and music moods, more than 30 on-demand shows, documentaries, artist interview content and special programming.

These benefits are offered in a 24/7 ‘no ad-breaks’, uninterrupted listening environment offering greater choice, control and flexibility, allowing listeners to skip up to 6 tracks per hour via app and web listening, even on live radio.

Paul Keenan, President of Audio, Bauer Media Audio comments, “Radio offers music, discovery and a live experience which is central to its enduring appeal. We have seen how particularly in the last year, listeners turned to radio to stay informed, to escape, be entertained and maintain a connection to the outside world. This innovation of premium subscription services responds to insight which identified a desire from music super fans - enormously enthusiastic about their favourite radio brands and broadcast radio - to further explore their music passions. The combination of the live radio experience, the highest quality curated programming on demand, specialist podcasts and shows, along with new and unique user control is a highly compelling combination.”

Scala Radio Premium, Jazz FM Premium, Planet Rock Premium and Kerrang Radio Premium are available across web, app and supported smart speakers for a free 7-day trial followed by a payment of £3.99 a month.

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Bauer Media Audio is Europe’s leading digital commercial broadcaster and audio operator. Experts in the power of sound, the company reaches over 55 million listeners weekly through its market-leading broadcast radio, online services, and podcasts. Spanning 7 countries - the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Slovakia, Bauer Media Audio owns leading brands including KISS, Mix Megapol, Absolute Radio, Radio Norge, Radio Expres, Radio Nova, Radio 100 and RMF.