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Then simply send us your application. We offer many exciting career opportunities – in editorial, commercial and technical fields. Check out our vacancies or simply send us a speculative application.


Young, aspiring journalists can apply for admission to our school of journalism. School-leavers can choose between classical vocational training or a dual study programme. Our trainee programme is geared towards graduates of masters degree courses.


Our HR staff will be happy to answer your questions by phone or email.


Bauer Media Group
Human Resources Division

Sven Vogt

Phone: +49 40 3019-2459

Personnel Officer for

Bauer Xcel Media Deutschland KG, Bauer Advertising KG, Bauer Automotive KG, Bauer Do-it-yourself KG, Bauer Women KG, Bauer Premium KG, Heinrich Bauer Produktions KG

Jens von Meyer

Phone: +49 40 3019-2472

Personnel Officer for

Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG, Heinrich Bauer Dienstleistungs KG, Bauer Vertriebs KG, Bauer Postal Network, Bauer Lifestyle KG, Nordheide Telemarketing KG, metras Medien Spedition KG, VU Verlagsunion KG, Bauer People KG

Gerald Hernstein

Phone: +49 40 3019-2451

Personnel Officer for

Bauer Systems KG, BVG Medien KG, Bauer Programm KG, Bauer Living KG, Bauer Food Experts KG

Silvia Pacher-Theinburg

Phone: +49 40 3019-2469

Head of HR development

Claudia Flügel

Phone: +49 40 3019-2468

Officer HR development for

Bauer Media Academy

Ramona Stolte

Phone: +49 40 3019-2127

Team Assistant Labour Law



Bauer Media Group
Human Ressorce Management

Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 8
81737 Munich

Phone: +49 40 3019-0
Fax: +49 40 3019-1043

Eva Schmidt

Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 8
81737 Munich

Phone: +49 89 6786-7105

Personnel Officer for

Bauer München Redaktions KG, Bauer Interior KG and MVG Premium KG, Bauer Style & Luxury KG


Security through high paid-circulation numbers, relevance through finely balanced target groups and quality through high-quality editorial environments: Bauer Advertising KG offers the advertising industry a versatile and innovative advertising portfolio.

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Reader service

Feel free to contact our editorial offices directly: Our reader service personnel in the editorial offices of our magazine and digital media vehicles look forward to talking to you and answering your enquiries.

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For questions about your subscription, please contact the personnel of your subscription service. Here you can subscribe to magazines and digital issues, find out about premiums, change your contact details and much more.

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