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Bauer Media Group
Communications and Media Relations

Burchardstraße 11
20077 Hamburg

Andrea Fratini
Director Corporate Communications

Tel: +49 40 3019-1019

Christiane Janzen-Roders
Assistant to Director

Tel: +49 40 3019-1080

Julian Wörner
PR Consultant

Phone: +49 40 3019-1099

Kevin Finner
PR Consultant

Phone: +49 40 3019-1037

Anna Störmer
Team Lead
Brand Communications

Phone: +49 40 3019-1074

Katrin Hienzsch
PR Consultant Brand Communications

Phone: +49 40 3019-1028

Imke Weiland
Team Lead Internal Communication

Phone: +49 40 3019-1090

Lucy Hahner
PR Consultant
Internal Communications

Phone: +49 40 3019-1094

Kerstin Walker
Corporate Communications

Phone: +49 40 3019-1091


“We think popular.” The Bauer Media Group represents a wide range of popular entertainment media. Our media producers have a special flair for telling stories that move, touch and inspire people. 

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Find out more about our international work: we have a presence on four continents around the globe, tap into new markets and co-operate across country borders – in the traditional magazine business as well as in digital and radio.

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On all channels, in all major sectors, for all relevant target groups: the attractiveness of the media brands is the key to the success of the Bauer Media Group. We continue to develop the quality of our portfolio.

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