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With 24 million listeners every day, Bauer Media Group is Europe’s leading radio provider. We own over 100 stations in Poland, the UK, Slovakia and Scandinavia. In our home city, we hold a stake in Radio Hamburg – the Hanseatic city’s most popular radio station.

Radio accompanies, informs and entertains people throughout the day. In addition to their expertise in content and their knowledge of regional and local affairs, the success of our radio stations is also rooted in digital integration. Radio and TV stations can be both seen and heard online, thus strengthening their bond with the public.



In Poland, we’re the largest provider in the radio market with a share of more than 30 percent. The three stations RMF FM, RMF MAXXX and RMF classic of Grupa RMF reach around 10 million listeners daily.



With 80 radio stations, we’re the second largest private radio company in the UK with a market share of 34 percent. Bauer Media has 11 million digital radio listeners per week and is the leading private radio company in this segment.



Rádio Expres, one of the leading radio providers in Slovakia, has over 20 percent of the market.



The acquisition of 21 stations in Scandinavia has made us the market leader in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and number two in Norway. More than 11 million Scandinavians listen to our stations every week.



We hold a 25 percent stake in Radio Hamburg, Germany – the city’s best-loved channel. The station has over a million daily listeners, reaching more people than any other medium.



We reach young and trend-conscious target groups via the medium of television. With almost one third of capital, we’re one of the largest shareholders in German TV broadcaster RTL II. In the UK, we also operate a number of music TV channels.

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Bauer Media Group is characterised by its passion for popular magazines: it publishes more than 600 magazines worldwide. We are the market leader in Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Poland, and our titles are top sellers in many more countries.

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The development of digital media is a core aspect of Bauer Media Group: our digital portfolio includes more than 400 ePapers, apps, online portals and websites – as magazine supplements and as independent products.

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Today’s innovations arise in networks. The Bauer Media Group has 19 locations on four continents. International networking develops and supports synergies.

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