What’s the secret of our success? Simple. We believe in well-produced magazines! More than 600 titles worldwide reach out to target groups of all ages. Our portfolio includes women’s magazines for every life situation, listings guides, and magazines covering the people, lifestyle, special interest, children and youth categories.



In Germany, we’re the clear number 1 for female readers, from weekly titles to monthly premium women’s magazines. And we’re also first when it comes to TV guides, youth celebrity titles and the youth market in general.


Our success in figures:

  • Almost every second German reads a Bauer Media Group magazine
  • With 34 million magazine readers, our media group has the largest total reach in Germany
  • We sell around 433 million issues per year in Germany, with newsstand sales and subscriptions accounting for 96 percent
  • 27 of our magazines are among the 100 highest-selling magazines at newsstands
of all women
read magazines
from Bauer


We’re the number 1 in Australia and New Zealand – we publish the best-selling popular magazines and enjoy great success in the corporate publishing sector. And we’re also market leader in the general-interest magazine segment in Poland. In the UK and USA, Bauer Media Group leads the market in weeklies and premium magazines, as well as in the youth, listings and people categories. Worldwide, we’re market leader for female target groups – something we’re very proud of!


We’re constantly expanding our product portfolio with the aid of in-house developments and licensing agreements. For example, our 50-plus women’s magazine Yours in the UK was the inspiration for the German magazine Meins. And we brought the world’s largest brand in the people segment to Germany with PEOPLE Deutschland. Titles like Good Health and Happinez capture the spirit of the times and reflect current trends.



The development of digital media is a core aspect of Bauer Media Group: our digital portfolio includes more than 400 ePapers, apps, online portals and websites – as magazine supplements and as independent products.

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Radio & TV

Bauer Media Group is one of the leading European companies, with more than 50 radio stations. Every day more than 17.9 million people in Germany, Poland, the UK and Slovakia tune into one of our programmes, and we are number 1 in many radio markets.

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Today’s innovations arise in networks. The Bauer Media Group has 19 locations on four continents. International networking develops and supports synergies.

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