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Fine horses and esteemed donors provide the basis for the equestrian sports campaign “Reiten gegen den Hunger” (Riding against hunger), which is raising donations for “Welthungerhilfe” (German Agro Action) Here you can learn interesting facts about this exemplary initiative, which was started by Gudrun Bauer in 2012.



12 questions on “Reiten gegen den Hunger”


1. What is “Reiten gegen den Hunger”?

“Reiten gegen den Hunger” is a private initiative in the world of equestrian sports that is involved in a variety of charity campaigns to raise donations for “Welthungerhilfe”.


2. Who is behind this initiative?

“Reiten gegen den Hunger” was established in 2012 by Gudrun Bauer and the equestrian expert and tournament organiser, Ullrich Kasselmann (Performance Sales International). Gudrun Bauer is herself a passionate equestrian; Ullrich Kasselmann and his business partner Paul Schockemöhle have an established network in the world of equestrian sports.

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3. What kind of business model does the campaign have?

“Reiten gegen den Hunger” is a non-profit organisation, with Gudrun Bauer as the sole partner. She is supported by a six-person advisory board, which includes, amongst others, Ullrich Kasselmann; Monica Theodorescu, coach for the German dressage team; and Julia Becker, wife of the coach for the German show jumping team. Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, Federal Defence Minister and passionate equestrian, has agreed to be the patron of the organisation.


4. Why is the support for “Welthungerhilfe” in particular?

Gudrun Bauer has been socially active for many years; in the past, this has predominantly been in Germany and Eastern Europe – mainly privately, without any charity attention. Ten years ago, she was made aware of “Welthungerhilfe” through a friend, Dieter Thomas Heck. Already on the initial fact-finding mission to the tsunami regions of South-East Asia, she came to recognise the reputable, effective work of this aid organisation. Since then, she has visited and financially supported several projects in the poorest of countries.  Gudrun Bauer is currently supporting projects in Burundi, Uganda and Liberia, where her focus is mainly on the plight of women and children.


5. How are the donations raised?

Through various charity activities at major horse events; through auctions, tombolas, competitions, or simple collection box donations. And every year at the illustrious “Horses & Dreams” tournament in Hagen am Teutoburger Wald, the life-size horse sculpture “Friendship” is auctioned off in support of “Reiten gegen den Hunger”.  In 2014 it went to a group of Australian equestrian sport enthusiasts for 42,000 EUR.


6. How much money has been received in total to date?

Since its onset, the campaign has generated more than 500,000 EUR.


7. What happens to the money?

It goes towards “Welthungerhilfe” projects – above all, to the so-called Food Initiative, which supports small-scale farmers and ensures food in starving countries. There are approximately 925 million starving people in the world. As little as 30 cents can supply a family of five in Uganda with clean drinking water for a full day. One EUR is enough to provide a school child in Burundi with a warm daily meal. 8 EUR per month pays for the special diet, which can save the life of an extremely undernourished baby in a Somalian refugee camp. For 10 EUR, a family in Mali can be supplied with vegetable seeds for a whole season. And for 50 EUR, a family in Zimbabwe can buy seeds, fertiliser and tools to produce their own food for an entire year.


8. What is equestrian sport bringing to the campaign?

As well as the marked willingness of the tournament guests and equestrian sport VIPs to provide donations, commitment to “Reiten gegen den Hunger” has largely come from the German dressage team. Isabell Werth, Helen Langehanenberg, Kristina Sprehe and her colleagues commit themselves to the cause with raffles, riding lessons, autograph sessions and prize money donations.


9. What links Howard Carpendale to “Reiten gegen den Hunger”?

The South African popular singer was thrilled by the idea of using one of his songs to promote the campaign. His track “How much is a billion?” is intended to become the anthem of “Reiten gegen den Hunger”. The title comes from his new album “Waited much too long” and is available as a single: one EUR per sale or download goes towards the campaign. Howard Carpendale will also be showing his commitment by appearing at various major tournament events.


10. At which tournaments is “Reiten gegen den Hunger” present?

In 2014 at “Horses & Dreams” in Hagen a.T.W. and at the “Balve Optimum” in Sauerland, the German championships in dressage and show jumping. And for the first time at the CHIO in Aachen, where the prestigious “Nations’ Cup” took on the “Reiten gegen den Hunger” motto. In addition, at the tournament in Schenefeld bei Hamburg, at the “Tournament of Champions” in Münster, and at the traditional “Rügen Cross Country” on the Baltic Sea coast.


11. Can other tournaments be added?

Interested organisers are invited to get in touch at any time. For all information: Silke Alberty, Sales & Marketing Consulting, Auf der Krone 71, 40489 Düsseldorf. Telephone: 0172 – 296 77 97; Email:


12. How is “Reiten gegen den Hunger” being advertised to the public at large?

The publications of the Bauer Media Group are continually reporting on campaigns and participants, as well as on the work of “Welthungerhilfe” (German Agro Action). Specialist press, newspapers, radio and television are observing the campaign at tournament events, where “Reiten gegen den Hunger” is being showcased through moving film and with the aid of prominent supporters and promotional information.


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