“We want to give people hope for a future.”

Gudrun Bauer

As a family-run business, the Bauer Media Group is particularly concerned with helping people in need. 


We support national and international organisations as well as local aid projects. The media, editors, readers and even many celebrities are all keen to support a good cause.


In Germany, we support the following projects:

Welthungerhilfe – fighting against hunger and poverty. The Bauer family has maintained close ties to Welthungerhilfe, one of Germany’s major private aid organisations, for many years now. Find out more about our commitment to supporting Welthungerhilfe here.

“Reiten gegen den Hunger” – a Welthungerhilfe initiative. This special project mobilises the equestrian community. Find out more about the initiative here.

Reporters Without Borders – protecting press freedom. The right to freedom of expression and freedom of the press are of the utmost importance for us. Therefore, we support the global human rights organisation Reporters Without Borders. With targeted campaigns, the organisation draws attention to violations of press freedom and is committed to the protection of journalists.

Children's hospice Sternenbrücke and phönikks Foundation – being there for one another. Providing support to the Sternenbrücke children’s hospice and the phönikks Foundation in our home city of Hamburg is also a matter very close to our hearts. The children's hospice cares for and supports families with terminally ill children. The phönikks Foundation cares for families with a member suffering from cancer.


Special campaigns by our editorial teams round out the company’s activities: the entertainment magazine Closer, for example, supports a different nationwide aid organisation each year with its Smile charity event.


Bauer media and editorial teams also support community projects around the world. Cash for Kids is a nationwide initiative of the Bauer Radio network in the UK. Local radio stations call for donations for children in need. The funds will benefit specific local projects. Under the theme “A good deed” – “Dobry Skutok” in Slovakian – Rádio Expres, a Slovakian radio station, hosts an annual summer camp. Listeners are encouraged to enable 100 children to go on a holiday.


“We think popular.” The Bauer Media Group represents a wide range of popular entertainment media. Our media producers have a special flair for telling stories that move, touch and inspire people.

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On all channels, in all major segments, for all relevant target groups: the attractiveness of the media brands is the key to the success of the Bauer Media Group. We continue to develop the quality of our portfolio. 

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In-house news – from the company, from national and international brands: our corporate communications department frequently and reliably provides journalists with the latest news from the Bauer Media Group.

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