Bauer Media Group: Europe’s top magazine publisher and one of the world’s leading media companies.

About us: Bauer Media Group

WE THINK POPULAR. – Our claim gets straight to the point: we love quality entertainment! Inspiring people around the world, constantly surprising them with great stories and ideas – that’s our passion. Via print, radio and digital media.



Well-produced magazines are the bedrock of our company’s philosophy. Our teams are staffed with highly skilled and dedicated journalists. Thanks to regular surveys and analysis of our markets and target groups, we understand our readers extremely well and know exactly what they expect from us. This enables us to constantly enhance our magazines and create new brands for new markets. The same applies to our digital products, radio programmes and Online Comparison Platforms. With our high circulation and reach figures, we’ve been shaping the media business in Germany, Europe and across the world for many years now.

Bauer Media Group is a family business. Publisher Yvonne Bauer is the fifth generation of her family to lead the company. That means we’re independent and flexible, while at the same time our structures are well-established and guarantee continuity. That’s what makes us successful and ready for the future.


On all channels, in all major sectors, for all relevant target groups: the attractiveness of the media brands is the key to the success of the Bauer Media Group. We continue to develop the quality of our portfolio.

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Security through high paid-circulation numbers, relevance through finely balanced target groups and quality through high-quality editorial environments: Bauer Advertising KG offers the advertising industry a versatile and innovative advertising portfolio.

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Find out more about our international work: we have a presence on four continents around the globe, tap into new markets and co-operate across country borders – in the traditional magazine business as well as in digital and radio.

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