Female Empowerment + Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

We want to make Bauer Media a more diverse and inclusive place to work.

We strive to provide equal opportunities

Our brands are loved by a broad and varied range of audiences. To honour them all, we strive to reflect their diversity through our selection of content and presenters, so that we may amplify our audiences’ diverse voices and champion their causes. Some examples of our work in this area include:


Belonging at Bauer is our diversity and inclusion programme in the UK that aims to offer equal opportunity to everyone who works (or wants to work) at Bauer. Our programme includes a variety of commitments, projects, and activities across several pillars (Race and Equality, Enable, Women in Programming, Social Mobility and LGBTQ+), led by a group of internal champions and our local D&I manager.


The #SupportHER campaign is a long-running initiative led by our COSMOPOLITAN brand in Germany, aimed at supporting women and females in their personal and professional lives. It uses content and activities to promote awareness and open conversation about social issues they face.


In the UK, Grazia’s award winning campaigns have helped to change the law around important women’s issues. Its “Mind The Pay Gap” campaign led companies of 250+ employees to publish gender pay statistics. The “Ban the ‘rough sex’ defence” campaign helped to introduce an amendment to the UK’s Domestic Abuse Bill, giving greater legal protection to assault victims. Grazia also won the 2020 Magnetic Spotlight Award for its campaign approach to issues affecting women.

  • LGBTQ+

Cool FM and Downtown Radio are proud media partners of Belfast Pride, and in 2023 LGBTQ+ Magazine GNI awarded Cool FM with the trophy for ‘Supportive Media’ – a recognition of its ongoing support for, and positive coverage of, LGBTQ+-related news.

The UK is also home to Hits Radio Pride, a station specially created for the LGBTQ+ community and allies, Forming part of the Hits Radio Network, the station features a strong and diverse mix of presenters from across the LGBTQ+ community and has produced several hard-hitting content series, including the award-winning ‘Tough Talks’ exploring coming out stories, an investigation into Gay Conversion Therapy and ‘Faith Sex and Me’, exploring sexual orientation and religion.