SME Services

Offering Marketing Communication and Lead Generation as a Service

Small businesses are the engine of our economy and omnipresent in our societies. Digital technology offers a huge opportunity for them to grow and flourish. As commerce moves online and more people set up digitised small businesses, digital marketing and sales expertise are increasingly needed to reach customers We offer a 'one-stop' solution for SMEs to utilize, track and analyse an efficient online marketing communication and lead generation.

Helping small businesses to grow

Our SME Services include a comprehensive and integrated range of solutions to help small businesses find, communicate with and acquire customers. With over 600 employees in four countries, SME Services encompasses our SaaS and digital service subsidiaries Mono Solutions, Camilyo, and the Sunrise Group. Together we provide the digital tools SMEs need to run and grow their businesses, from SEO services and website builders to scheduling, e-commerce and booking tools.

Facts and Figures

  • Small businesses make up the largest segment of the economy
  • A 'one-stop' solution for all basic SME marketing needs
  • 24 million SMEs are currently operating across the EU and 58% of them wish for third-party marketing support

SMEs are the fabric of our societies, and digital technology is a huge opportunity to help them survive, grow, and flourish. This is more clear now than ever. Our mission to help SMEs digitize their business is key to building the economy of the future.

Natasha Zharinova

President Business Area SME Services

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