Bringing wellbeing to the workplace

If Bauer is a great place to work, great work will be done. That's the philosophy behind our Bauer UK Thrive programme, which delivers content and activities that inspire, inform and support the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees. The programme originated and runs in the UK. But since its launch, it has also inspired activities in many of our other teams and markets. Here is a collection of some of the programme’s top tips.

THRIVE at Bauer Media – how it all started

Thrive UK was created by Bauer people for Bauer people. The project is made up almost entirely of volunteers who generously dedicate their time whenever they have a spare moment.

The idea for Thrive evolved from a Wellness Week organised at the Bauer’s Media House office in Peterborough in 2018. The event included five days of workshops with headline speakers, fitness activities and taster sessions – all designed to strike a balance between making people feel good and making good work happen. Other UK offices were inspired to start their own activities, and in 2019, the Thrive programme was launched.

Small things can make a big difference, like showing consideration and empathy, taking the time to ask people how they are, and offering help and support. Working remotely has brought many benefits, but it can also be isolating and challenging, so we collected and share some of our evergreen tips that make you feel better: