At Bauer we believe that everyone deserves respect and should be able to feel safe in their daily activities. That's why COSMOPOLITAN in Germany has taken a stand against virtual violence with this year's #supportHER activities, which ran from 10 to 16 June 2021. Editors-in-Chief Lara Gonschorowski (print) und Enita Ramaj (digital) explain why this #supportHER campaign is so important.

Taking a stand against online violence

Our online communication has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic, as it became increasingly difficult to meet other people face to face. Unfortunately, not all interactions on the internet are pleasant ones. Digital violence against women, from body shaming to mobbing, is rampant, with a recent study concluding that a full 83% of online hate speech is directed towards women (source: hateaid.org).

83 percent of hate comments on social networks are directed against women. This figure shocked me personally!

Lara Gonschorowski

Editor-in-Chief COSMOPOLITAN Germany (print)

"We want to shed a light on how online violence can affect people's mental health and give women who have been victims of online violence a chance to share their stories. Together we can raise awareness for this topic in the July issue and on cosmopolitan.de/supporther – for more respect”, says Lara Gonschorowski, Editor-in-Chief COSMOPOLITAN (print).

For COSMOPOLITAN, supporting women does not just mean being there for friends or coworkers. By tackling tough topics like mental health and online violence, COSMO and Instagram hope to raise awareness and create a more respectful atmosphere on social media.

The initiative has its origins in 2018 and started as an inspirational network of influencers to support women. Every year since, COSMOPOLITAN has continued its cross-channel initiative as a regular print rubric, on COSMOPOLITAN.de and in regular campaigns on Instagram.

Our goal is to raise awareness of female solidarity and to encourage women to stand up for one another and to support one another. After all, each of us has voice.

Enita Ramaj

Editor-in-Chief of COSMOPOLITAN.de

"Together with Instagram and in cooperation with various creators and initiatives such as 'No Hate Speech Movement' and #ichbinhier e.V. (I am here assoc.) we create more awareness for the importance of respectful communication online", reports Enita Ramaj, Editor-in-Chief of COSMOPOLITAN.de. "Because the topic has many levels:

1. prevention: what safety tools does Instagram provide, for example?

2. action in acute situations: What options do those affected have?

3. tips on how to deal with hate messages and digital threats of violence.

By educating and empowering affected women, we contribute to supporting their mental health."

The action week took place on Instagram and across all COSMOPOLITAN print, digital and other social brand channels to reach as many women as possible on this important topic. During the week, affected female creators had their say to educate and encourage others.

Some facts about the COSMO crossmedia action week from 10 to 16 June 2021