Succeeding against all odds – spotlight on Bauer Media Publishing Poland

Poland is a very special country for us at Bauer Media. It’s the only country in which all four of our Business Areas have a presence and one of our biggest publishing markets. In fact, we publish more than 50 magazine titles, produced in our offices in Warsaw and Wrocław, including nine out of ten of the best-selling mags at the newsstand. At about 200 million copies sold annually, over a third of all Poles read at least one of our magazine titles. Let’s take a look at our Publishing Business Unit Poland, the recently crowned Publisher of the Year.

Bauer Publishing in Poland

Bauer has been publishing magazines in Poland since 1991. We publish TV guides, entertainment and luxury magazines, popular science, hobby, real life stories, culinary and automotive magazines. Among the best-sellers are Kobieta i Życie (Women and Life), Świat Kobiety (Woman’s World), Życie na gorąco (Life in the heat) and Tele Tydzien (Tele Week) catering to the women's guidance, yellow and television segments, among many others. With Covid leading to an acceleration in the digitization of every aspect of our lives, our Polish publishing teams were quick to launch three new websites,,, and the newest advisory platform

Poland forms an important and integral part of Bauer Media’s footprint in Europe. We look forward to growing our business by continuing to meet the needs of our readers, listeners and users.

Tomasz Namysł

CEO Business Unit Publishing Poland

Bauer Printing

Poland is also home to our two state-of-the-art printing houses: BPC in Ciechanów and BPW in Wykroty. Both plants are among the most advanced in Europe and produce magazines for a number of other European countries including Poland, Germany, Great Britain and France. We also provide printing services for external clients in almost all Europe.

More than Publishing: Leading performance across all Business Areas:


Like all businesses, our operations in Poland, with our 2,900 dedicated employees, were challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic to shift our ways of working. Our publishing teams in Poland adapted quickly to home-working: in the course of the first wave we moved the first over 400 employees from our buildings to home office in just five days. The printing presses kept running throughout lockdowns thanks to the implementation of strict health and safety procedures, enabling our magazine production to continue.


In May 2021 our publishing operations in Poland have once again and for the seventh time received the prestigious title of Publisher of the Year from the industry magazine Media Marketing Polska. Whilst the publishing industry has been in decline for a number of years, we have taken pride in consistently outperforming competitors through unrivalled understanding of our audiences and our ability to produce great quality products efficiently.

The award recognises the team’s outstanding achievement in successfully dealing with the immediate crisis, whilst simultaneously continuing to shape and transform Bauer’s local operations for the future. Thanks to quick action, a well-thought-out product and distribution policy, and the knowledge of the local publishing market, the team achieved the seemingly impossible: to beat its 2019 performance. All of this with 95% of employees working remotely.

After a year spent in confinement, after a year of hard work in a difficult reality for all of us, it turns out that we are the best again.

Tomasz Namysł

CEO Business Unit Publishing Poland

Readers first

As demand surged for access to in-home entertainment and information, Publishing Poland didn’t fail to respond to their readers’ needs. 32 special interest publications were introduced in almost all segments, including several devoted to the corona virus. A bold pricing strategy, combined with an active promotion of subscriptions (which saw a 30% increase during the first lockdown), and a close relationship with distributors meant that the impacts of the crisis were broadly mitigated. "Our goal is to understand the expectations of our readers perfectly”, says Tomasz Namysł. “We cherish those who have been with us for many years, while still attracting new readers by offering them fresh products tailored to their needs and tastes.”

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