Sweden is currently experiencing an audio boom! Great audio content by commercial stations has an important role to play, and Bauer Media Audio Sweden is at the forefront with its ethos of creating unique experiences for its listeners and fostering special moments that truly enrich people’s lives. Let's throw a spotlight on our teams in Stockholm!


In the new media landscape, the importance of audio communication is growing. More and more people choose to listen instead of reading and watching, and more and more people now also choose to talk instead of writing and clicking. This new world – with new technology and new behaviours, where we meet our listeners both on air, online and on demand – we call “the new soundscape”.

Sound is something we carry with us everywhere. It follows us in our daily lives. With our content, we have the opportunity to reach people wherever they are and however they choose to listen to us. By optimising our content on all platforms, we can consolidate our market leading position.

Anna Rastner

Content Director at Bauer Media Audio Sweden

Through our way of interacting with technology and reaching every other Swede weekly on our user-friendly platforms, we make our listeners' world sound better. In a landscape where both content and interaction are sound-borne, sound also becomes crucial for our advertisers and our job is to make sure they reach an audience that listens.

We release the power of content

With over 60% share of the audio market Bauer Media Audio Sweden is the market leader for audio. We have a unique position on-air, online and on demand. Because our listeners are listeners regardless of where we meet them.

On-air and online with radio, including leading national stations like Mix Megapol, Rockklassiker or NRJ. Our radio stations entertain and inform a total of about 5 million listeners every week and that is 50% of the Swedish population with the purpose of enriching everyday life. In addition, we serve 1 million weekly listeners online and on demand with Podplay and RadioPlay – our platforms for thousands of popular podcasts and digital home to our stations. We have 130 employees, mainly based in Stockholm, plus local broadcasting sites in Gothenburg and Malmö, as well as 18 local sales offices serving over 1,700 clients nationwide.

For us at Bauer Media Sweden, our content first mindset and the growth in podcasts is phenomenal and our digital listening is constantly increasing, both on radio and podcasts.

Linda Palmgren

CEO Bauer Media Audio Sweden

"Today we have almost 20% of our listening digital, which is fantastic, where the launch of Podplay has been crucial. We have a unique position on-air, online and on demand", says Linda Palmgren, CEO Bauer Media Audio Sweden. "This gives us great opportunities for hybrid creative solutions for advertisers to meet their customers at many different touchpoints and we believe that form a large part of the growth going forward, not at least through programmatic sales and self-service tools."

Enjoy our content through Podplay and Radioplay

Swedes can find thousands of popular podcasts and all our radio stations, and listen to their favourite content among them on Podplay and RadioPlay. People can listen to Sweden's largest radio station Mix Megapol, the networks NRJ and Rockklassiker, the radio stations Vinyl FM, Lugna Klassiker, Retro FM and Svensk Pop. Rockklassiker Hårdrock and Radio Topp 40. RadioPlay is available on the web, iPhone, Android and in the Sonos speaker system. Listeners keep track of their favourites podcast by following them and downloading episodes so they can listen anytime, anywhere.

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Sound reaches our ears; sound is received by our brain. But above all, sound hits right in the heart. Sound has an amazing ability to arouse our emotions, create lasting memories and affect our desire. Sound can make us attentive, happy, positive, curious and change the way we behave. If you use sound in your marketing, you will hit your customers right in the heart.

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