Bauer Media teams and brands spring into action in support of Ukraine

In addition to having set up a company-level match funded internal donation fund with the UN children's Fund UNICEF in order to help Ukrainian children and families, many of our teams and brands are taking action to support those affected by the war in Ukraine. Here are just some examples.

Radio stations providing trusted information to those affected by the crisis

In countries bordering Ukraine, stations such as RMF FM in Poland and Radio Expres in Slovakia are providing extensive real-time coverage and analysis of the situation as it evolves.

  • Within hours of the conflict erupting, Poland’s RMF Group launched Radio RMF Ukraina, a brand new radio station entirely dedicated to people fleeing Ukraine. Broadcasting information and advice for refugees waiting in large queues at the border to enter Poland, it features important information about the procedures required for entering Poland, and advice on the assistance available from the local authorities and charitable organisations. Broadcasting is primarily in Ukrainian, with a portion of the content in English to reach those escaping the war who are non-Ukrainian speakers. The station was launched within 30 hours of the idea being proposed, thanks to prompt approval by Poland’s National Broadcasting Council. Programmes are prepared by Ukranian speakers who have been invited by RMF Group to partner on the project. It is broadcast around the clock, and is entirely dedicated to providing updates and information, with no advertising or music. People fleeing from Ukraine can currently receive Radio RMF Ukraina on two border crossings: in the Przemyśln and Hrubieszow areas. Read more on
  • Our audio brands have donated airtime to charity appeals. On March 14, RMF FM took part in two special charity appeals broadcast by 168 Polish radio stations under the “I Love Radio banner, reaching over 8 million listeners. The radio groups also donated a total of 360 seconds of their advertising time to raise funds for the Polish Medical Mission.
  • In the UK, all our stations ran the UK Government’s appeal to raise funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee whose 15 member charities are experts in humanitarian aid and specialise in different areas of disaster response.
  • And on March 4, our stations joined the “Give peace a chance” initiative involving 150 radio channels across Europe and in Ukraine, who came together in a simultaneous broadcast of John Lennon’s powerful song of unity, hope and peace, “Give Peace a Chance”. Both public and commercial broadcasters in over 25 European countries took part in the initiative, as a demonstration of how the power of radio can amplify growing support for peace and create a united movement across the continent. 

Our publications are providing information and support

  • Grazia UK has launched a series of special covers and content in support of Ukraine – highlighting stories from the women on 'the front line', and teamed up with the British Red Cross to run a donation campaign. Read more here.
Photo credits: @pavlobishko, @jakub_porzycki, @mpalinchakphoto, @yehorlemzyakoff
  • Sabine Klink, reporter in chief for German women's magazine tina, set off for the Polish border to Ukraine with a vehicle filled with medical and hygiene products. Together with photographer Gunnar Geller, they reported tales of the people they met at the border, of their hardships and worries, and gave a face to the inconceivable suffering of those affected by the conflict. Watch here.
  • Życie na Gorąco, Poland’s best-selling celebrity magazine has published a special edition entirely devoted to Polish Ukrainians, Polish celebrities involved in supportive actions as well as practical advice on refugee matters. All profits from this special edition will be donated to charity organizations.
  • Our magazines are also a source of valuable support. For example Poland’s interviewed a psychiatrist on how to talk to children about war, and German youth magazine Bravo has focused on equipping its readers with information about the crisis, what they can do to help, and where to get support via their social media channels.

Many of our publications will be donating a portion of their revenues to charities providing support to those affected by the conflict, as well as keep donating free advertising space in print and online products. And our Polish publications alone have so far provided 38 pages of free ad pages across all categories: TV guides, celebrity, automotive and women’s advisory magazines. In addition to this, numerous publications continue to include advice on Ukraine-related topics, ranging from people stories to background information on Ukrainian culture, and interviews with Moscow residents on the topic of sanctions and protests.

Last but not least, our online comparison platform is also donating 10% of the revenue generated from the sale of insurance policies to a charity providing humanitarian relief in Ukraine. In addition to this, it is also offering free insurance products and information materials for Ukrainian refugees. Simultaneously they are exploring ways to donate computers and monitors to support refugee children together with our Polish Publishing teams.

UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.