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Bauer Vertriebs KG

This business division is responsible for managing the German-language magazines of the Bauer Media Group across all distribution segments (Presse-Grosso – Association of German Book, Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers – train station booksellers, subscriptions, reception and waiting room subscriptions, export).
Beyond that, the publishing house is continually expanding into new lines of business, a development that is evident for example in the successful establishment of the alternative postal service provider Bauer Postal Network (BPN).

Bauer Vertriebs KG is organised into retail sales, subscription service and management, subscription marketing and logistics business units.

The retail sales unit is responsible for retail outlet sales processed by Presse-Grosso and for the management of train station booksellers and reception and waiting room subscription services. It also markets German-language editions in foreign countries and conducts market monitoring. The relevant field sales team is charged with continuously optimising the in-store presentation of Bauer Media Group publications.

Subscriptions are generated primarily by gift offers as well as via direct mail and telemarketing. Online subscription advertising is becoming increasingly vital.
Subscription service and management encompasses the company’s customer service department, which operates a call centre in Magdeburg. The call centre manages some three million subscribers. Its staff members deploy internet portals and dialer and advanced voice services as well as conduct outbound activities. This varied remit makes the call centre an attractive partner for all companies in the direct marketing business. Additionally, Bauer Vertriebs KG offers an address optimisation and research service for external customers.

The logistics division of Bauer Vertriebs KG was positioned under the new family brand Bauer Postal Network (BPN). BPN operates across Germany as the only alternative postal service provider to Deutsche Post AG that can provide nearly gapless coverage. Among the company’s core business activities is the weekly delivery of Bauer Media Group magazines to subscribers. BPN increasingly acts as an external service provider for other publishers as well as for customers in the info post segment.

Bauer Postal Network

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